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Report of Activities for the year 2019

High Profile Visit to the Africa Progress Group
The immediate past Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Hailemariam Desalegn, and Mr. Strive Masiyiwa, the founder and executive chairman of Econet Wireless and a member of the APG, visited the Secretariat where they were taken on a tour and were briefed about the recent and ongoing activities. They were both highly impressed with the work of the secretariat and urged staff to keep up the good work.READ MORE

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Report of Activities for the year 2018

APG Leaders Meeting
The leadership of APG and staff of APP attended a meeting in Abeokuta (onsite and virtual) on 12-13 January 2018 to plan for the successful transition and take-off APG. Peter Eigen (Co-Chair) came from Germany and it was a very productive meeting with Sheriffdeen Tella, Alero Okorodudu, Temitayo Omotola, Maz Jarrett (Skype), Dan Graham (Skype), Abisade Adenubi (Skype), and Tim Bittiger (Skype) in attendance.READ MORE

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Agriculture and food security

Help Africa’s smallholder farmers exploit opportunities and manage risks

The global food system is under acute and rising pressure – and Africa’s farmers are feeling its full force. There is still more than enough food in the world to feed everyone. But population and economic growth as well as the search for low- carbon energy sources are driving up demand for arable land, while climate change, ecological constraints and lower levels of productivity growth in agriculture are limiting food supply.READ MORE

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Managing oil, gas & mining

A shared agenda for change could transform Africa’s future

In its acclaimed Africa Progress Report 2013, the Africa Progress Panel has made a major contribution to the world’s understanding not only of the huge potential of Africa’s oil, gas and minerals, but also of how to harness them to lift millions of Africans out of poverty.READ MORE

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The education crisis

Urgent action is needed to get every child in school and learning

Africa’s education crisis demands the urgent attention of political leaders and their aid partners. The target of universal primary education by 2015 is likely to be missed by a wide margin, leaving millions of children out of school. Meanwhile, many of the children in school are receiving an education of such poor quality that they are learning very little.READ MORE

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Jobs, investment and trade

Africa is open for business – and offers high returns

As the Africa Progress panel has outlined in a recent policy paper, Africa – Investment Ready, rapid change in the last decade has turned Africa into a region ripe with opportunities for investors willing to participate in, as well as profit from, the continent’s development.READ MORE

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Governance & transparency

Despite steady improvement, corruption remains a concern

In governance, as in economics, the story of the past decade has been one of steady progress throughout Africa. Multiparty elections are now firmly established, there have been moves towards greater transparency, and for the most part, armies have stayed out of politics. Many countries have also become more peaceful.READ MORE