APG Board Meeting: The Board met on 6 October 2020, to review the draft annual report on Making Africa’s Population an Asset. Members commended the effort that went into the final draft and were particularly elated about the uniqueness of the Population As Asset Responsiveness Index (PARI). The draft was approved for publication as soon as funds were available.

2020 Annual Report
The 2020 Annual Report of APG, Making Africa’s Population an Asset, is now ready for publication. The report features a unique indicator, Population As Asset Responsiveness Index (PARI) which was developed to capture key dimensions of human development that are strong predictors of population as asset. The final computation of PARI utilised validated data on five key dimensions. These were:

Education– to assess educational opportunities provided the citizenry through formal and non-formal channels. This utilised gross primary enrolment and adult literacy rates as measures (SDG 4).

Health– to assess health security using under-five mortality rates and health expenditure as percentage of GDP as measures (SDG 3).

Food security– to assess opportunities for feeding the citizenry measured by average food production per capita. (SDG 4)

Social Security and Welfare– to assess poverty reduction/alleviation efforts of government as well as efforts at reducing unemployment and providing housing for the citizenry. These were measured through national poverty line, unemployment rates and housing affordability rate (SDGs 1, 8, and 11).

Infrastructure– to assess provision of infrastructure notably power and electricity measured through availability of rural electricity (SDG 7).

The report was reviewed at the virtual meeting of the Board of APG that was held on Tuesday, 6 October 2020, and is now read y for publication.